To conquer is to overcome a problem or fear.  It is to master an area of your life and come out better for the experience.

Experience Holistic Life Coaching

 A life coach helps someone get from where they are to where they want to be. Kari's coaching approach is on a more holistic level. She uses tools such as energy and sound healing, Reiki, and meditation as well as traditional coaching techniques in her personalized sessions. This unique combination creates an environment in which clients can potentially find true balance and healing in all areas of their lives. Her mission is to help her clients find and heal personal limiting beliefs and fears so that they might live more joyful and fulfilling lives. 


I believe that developing your intuitive guidance system is the best resource you have for living a more meaningful and joyful life.  I've written a free guide for you to develop your intuition.  

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My Passion-my life!

I am a happy woman who has lived an interesting life. I want to take my lifetime of experience overcoming feelings of doubt and unworthiness to help you conquer your limiting beliefs. This new found freedom comes with the wealth of possibilities available to each one of us.

* Conquer limiting beliefs

* Create new habits

* Reiki

* Energy and Sound Healing

* Gain clarity and direction

* Journaling for Clarity and Discovery

* Energy coaching 

* Meditation

* Creating rituals for success

* Appreciative inquiry

* Defeat negative self-talk habits

* Recognizing intuition/finding insight

Endless Possibilities

Conquer your limitations and watch your life transform.  I can help you create the life you want by unlocking your potential to take your life and your business to the next level. 

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What People Are Saying

  I have been seeing Kari for the last several months and I can honestly say she has been such a key factor in the growth that I have experienced in my life. She is consistently open and supportive and very present with me in every conversation. In the past I struggled with many circumstances in my life and started to believe the voices in my head telling me I am unlovable and not enough. I continued to seek help and guidance and worked through a lot of what comes with depression and anxiety. Then the universe brought me to Kari and now I am not being looked at as person with a mental set back or illness but as a beautiful spirit, whole and entire in unconditional love. She has an holistic approach to healing and achieving my goals that leave me with a deeper connection to my body as a whole. Her warm, encouraging spirit allows me the space to look at all the possibilities of life. She has given me the space to feel the empowerment of what conquering life is about! I am extremely grateful and thankful for Kari Romeo and absolutely encourage anyone who wants to start seeing and living life with deeper purpose to see her !  Josie Schelstrate

Kari Romeo is a natural and gifted healer. From her beautiful space to her loving and safe style, one cannot help but feel held and nurtured. I went in feeling exhausted and came out feeling nurtured, peaceful and calm. Such a blessing.   Colleen Russell, The Artful Sage

  Kari coaches me not only personally, but professionally as well. She has a knack for explaining things in a relatable manner which makes it easy (and exciting) to apply new information from each coaching session. I have had nothing short of a remarkable experience with Kari - she has changed my life for the better and given me a million little nuggets to share with others!  

-Cassidy Bones, Practice Manager, Beyond Bones Chiropractic  

 Kari is an amazing life coach. She is intuitive, caring and brilliant. She has been instrumental in helping me craft the life I desire! 

Carol Champlin Flores

 I had the privilege to meet Kari about 6 months ago and I can tell you she is one of the biggest hearted, motivating, and wisest people I’ve been able to know. She is everything you could want as a life coach.

Whitney J Rud

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